Jun 11, 2020

Netflix's Money Heist

"There is no such thing as failure, only delayed success"

When a Spanish show premiered on 2017, which had good rating in the start, as it gradually reduced and it was about to cancel till it reaches to the attention of Netflix. The rest became history!!!

Delayed success, just like the photocopy machine when introduced had no great success, when Xerox took the business of the same photocopy machine was a great success...the rest became history…. instead of calling photocopy – people started calling Xerox copy!!! same way the La Casa De Papel, became Netflix’s Money Heist.

Money Heist undergone such a transformation by Netflix, gaining the world's attention and becoming the most watched successful series worldwide. It became so popular that celebrity like Neymar called the director and wanted to be a part of the series, hence he acted in the series for a short while as Brazilian monk.

(Neymar is Brazilian footballer- considered as the best player in the world...for dummies in football)

I personally see the success as the effort from Netflix for a quality program. When the quality in the program given a serious note, all things falls in the right place. I would recommend all of you to watch the Money Heist series (Adults only) !!!

I am not adherent fan of long series, and I had no such patience for it, but when I happened to see the first episode of Money Heist - things changed for me. The dialogues, action, editing, screenplay were so focused to the theme which gave all the promise for the quality plot...the moves, the planning and the way it was executed made the story line stronger that I finished watching all the parts in a short span of time (till Part-4) due credit needs to be given to the lock down due to Covid-19.

My younger daughter was asking me “Why you want to see the story of robbers, they are bad people” Even with that understanding I was glued to each and every characters in the series. I tried to explain her about the European central bank printed 171 billion in 2011, 185 billion in 2012, 145 billion euros in 2013…and told her Liquidity injection is not a crime, and we can’t say it as robbery – tired my best to narrate the image of Robin Hood in modern era and sang Bella Ciao…Bella Ciao…which made to feel that Dad having a great day during lock down…let him enjoy and she forgave me…

The beauty of the series is the characters and their narrations, all the characters made a deep impact in their characterization, The Professor -  the brain behind all the code named robbers programming the heist in a Hi-Fi technique with the typical classroom teaching - where the heist had the beautiful exit plan without harming anyone during their operation.

I personally liked the Professor, Denver and interesting character of Berlin – who at one point will declare his illness as he would die soon, worried by this,  his brother would then say let’s stop all this and start medication for you…at that time – Berlin would say…” Would you have told Michelanglo to stop sculpting his David?

There was depth and inspiring confidence with the skill in playing the Heist like a metaphor of chess game by planning ahead…ahead way ahead. Makes the Professor character as cool minded, intellectual with the martial art skills aligned with romance. Interesting plot during the last moments of Nairobi who will be executed cruelly by Gandia in the presence of her beloved heist members, I repeatedly watched that part many times and amazed by how the plot designed by Professor to use Gandia  - where he will be given the only option to show his bravery -  is to see his son alive...I was glued to the TV while watching it for the first time fully involved ignoring my mom call for dinner !!!

Awaiting season - 5 and avoiding all the spoilers - I have great faith for Alex Pina. He will make the season as interesting as the rest of the parts. I would recommend all of you not to get any hints about the season 5 as it will dilute the interest. The waiting begins....

Feb 28, 2020

Yalpanam - Srilankan Trip

Yalpanam - is the northern part of Srilanka, once the prime location for the Tamil Liberation movement during the civil war, as it was under the control of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)  from the year 1985 to 1995. Beautiful landmarks like fort, library building with war stricken bullet wounds and the memorials of civil war are in the state of deep sorrow as it has lost many valuable human lifes in this place – there was sickening silence and anger buried in the soil which has lost war against the Srilankan army – that resulted in more check post for checking the movements and identity of the travelers, as most of the time it is only the Singhalese dirvers were used in the buses like ours from Colombo to Yalpanam.

I am from Chennai, and not fully understood the struggle of the Tamils in Srilanka, but during my younger days in schools, I use to hear about LTTE and their fight against the Srilankan army, as there use to be protest and slogans during that time by some political parties extending their supports to the Tamil in the nearby country, their protest gave us school holidays and support for LTTE Captain – Prabhakaran – was taken as a symbol of braveness among Tamils in Tamil Nadu too…I could remember the videos of LTTE warriors surrendering their weapons  - machine guns, missiles in movie theaters during the interval.

I was moved by Dilipan memorial, which is in the main area of Yalpanam with his photo, which I witnessed for the first time in my life, His life was heart wrecking story of a freedom fighter who died in the fasting protest adopting Gandhian style of non-violence moment for the liberation of Tamil elam from Srilanka unlike LTTE..….but he too failed!!!

Besides the impact of civil war, the city is now renowned with more promising future and development that are been brought up by the Srilankan government for the people who are intelligent and focused on their well being with their duties and daily routines, with their excellence in academics and improvement in the life after years of civil war – I could still sense their deep rooted pain and agony in the hearts and minds of Srilankan Tamil as they have not forgotten their struggle which ended as failure, they are in their prayer songs and in their thoughts as their fellow citizens  sacrificed their life!!!

Pictorially, I personally felt Yalpanam as an extension of Tamilnadu in terms of the climate, culture, location, its ethnicity along with the people, places, temples and the language spoken (of course with Srilankan  Tamil ascent ) where the majority of them are Tamils, I could hardly find anyone talking Singhalese. Yalpanam has the beautiful green and fern of Kerala even in the style of talking Tamil language in the Malayali style...or been spoken as esai (musical)  Tamil. Local transports in Yalpana, such as buses, auto rickshaws plying like our Chennai city only with the different currency. 

Nallur Kandaswamy temple gave the divine feel, it was the center of the city and the main area around which we stayed and roamed around – I could spend very less time for shopping as it was all busy day in the official process, we could make it only after 7 PM and couldn’t make it lively in the shopping spree and visiting more prominent places nearby…as I experienced the journey from Columbo to Yalpannam – the landmarks and the temples on the way was been cleverly scheduled. 

I could see the tamil people are very devotional people and proud to declare themselves as this is the land of shiva (Shiva bhoomi), prayers are in Tamil and detailed in all the temples I visited. Even in the eelam chindambaram temple in karai nagar which was in the large area with mini zoo and lots of greenery...

Every country has it's unique food  - though Jaffna / Yalpanam is almost like Tamil Nadu - it has its variance is some food items besides the usual banana leaf food of south Indian style, I tasted Pal appam, spicy sambal and fried rice, along with the Orange Barlie drink. Tea was very good even though we had it in a small shop called Kannan Lodge which is quit old and has seen the different shades of the war sticken Jaffna but now returning to normalcy.... I was in a habit of buying newspaper but was shocked to see the price of English newspaper  Rs.30/- (1 INR - 2.48 Srilankan Rupee) but still...spending Rs.30/- for a newspaper!!! Naaa...

I did the last minute shopping in a hurry during the late hours of the day in the main bus stand area where I have seen  very few shops opened at that time..one among that attracted me is the Malayan Cafe (photo below) - may be its referring to the native Malaysian had their business in Srilanka..quite an famous outlet...I could pick up some authentic Jaffna special stuffs like candy, coconut oil, tea powder, Rani sandalwood soap, woodoo...with all these purchase as a sovereign from Jaffna / Yalpanam...another memorable last ride was to Jaffna international airport which is just a make shift building having only 2 international flights a day...hence we were received with more smiles and warm greetings as we are from India and the people there were mostly Srilankan Indians..but before that there was a very lengthy process of security check in the entrance which is again a shed with young Sinhalese security giving us through check for our luggages and also givings us friendly adieu .... with all these memories studded with varying wonderful thoughts, gaining afresh experience in this land has given me a new bliss.

Aug 15, 2019

Rocketman and the Lion King

Rocketman is musical biopic of Sir Elton John - its the story about his start, how he became a pop star, youngest millionaire, the wonderful narration with the sequence of events makes the movie interesting and makes us to get involved in all the weird things he experienced.

The movie has good pace, where the struggle of the celebrity to carry his image and lose his real nature. The movie had no dull moments, instead gave the interesting inside of the pop icon who made it big in the show business. 

The Lion King 2019-  The most awaited movie of the year which had multi language screening all over the world has made it big in the theaters...We all know the story, but that the not the reason we want to see this movie, it is the visual effects and the modern animation which is going to create the difference. It actually does, in a way you like it or not...its there for you...As the 90's kid in us was so enthralled to the film modernized with the photo real environment. When the new Lion King movie released this summer 2019, 25 years after the original animated film that has captured the major target audience
of Hollywood - Kids!!!

The Lion King 2019 has its magic added with the casting in this remake bring a modern take on the characters whilst keeping parts of their personality from the original. Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino) plays Simba and Beyoncé plays Nala. Both characters are extremely similar to the original and both cast members are artists kids and teens listen to all the time. Seth Rogen who plays Pumbaa and Billy Eichner who plays Timon bring a hysterical element to the characters that is a little more modern and different to the original.

When comparing with the Lion King 1994  : I personally missed the jokes of the three hyenas saying "cub sandwich" in the 1994 version  as there was more terror in their action than that of comedy mix in the animated version of 1994. There are some missing graphics in the I just cant wait to be the king songs but the newer version added with some songs which are not in the original.

Overall the movie recreated the magic !!!

Jul 14, 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home - the most entertaining movie

Spider- Man : Far from Home 

I saw this movie in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the whole theater in KL sentral was full packed with active audience who were all witnessing the movie that had the action hero in teenage mode, filled with fun, action and laughter...
as there was no single moment of dull or slow moment. Right from the beginning as they explained the reason from the come back of Spider man - Peter Parker(Tom Holland), 16 years old teenage boy who turned to ash five years ago in this universe, along with the half of the Earth's population.  Though its filmy, it turns out to be reasonable entertainment with the interesting phase "with  great power comes great responsibility" the Spider Man mantra arose when Peter didn't use his power to do good and his uncle Ben died as a results. Peter wants to just be a normal kid, to have fun with his friends, to find love. Far from home focuses on these desires even more than Home coming, when he embarks on this vacation, hoping he migh get a break from his superhero obligation.. It goes like that as we assume that the first half is all about Peter's vacation with his class mates which turns out to be romantic and got suddenly interrupted by Nick fury, which then takes us to the interesting second half with the war against the elemental, as Spider man joins hands with the new Mysterio who turns out to the black sheep of Iron Man team ...takes the content of the innocent teenage spiderman giving his valuable gift and taking it back with the action sequence to be noted as the Best Spidey action ever, wit the new suits and the special gifts from Iron Man by travelling across beautiful places in London,, Venice, Prague and Spain.

The VFX in the action sequence with the villain (Jake Gyllenhall) was fantastic and mind blogging as there were more advanced way of making us involved in the fight scene.Finally, Spider Man Far from Home did the impossible as a worthy follow up to Avengers : Endgame that too with the sad end of Iron Man  - but here comes more interesting series....with the Far from Home has dethroned as the favorite Spider Man movie, which will have its series soon...

Jun 14, 2019

Tioman Isand

Tioman Island is the wonderful island in east cost of peninsular Malaysia,  the south china sea -  the must see place in Malaysia as I could see many tourist  in this place, this is the place for diving, scuba, snorkeling and surfing sport. The basic snorkling experience from Genting village is charged RM80.- per person with minimum 4 people for the wonderful snorkeling. 

In Tioman Islands, we opted for Genting village - as there are eaight such villages in Tioman Island like Rawa, Jabamala..etc..Genting village is very small village with limited shops with the long curvy stretch of  beach for the pleasant walk during the sunset...waves are not too high or strong...very mild waves like sweet smile of nature...scenic place with lovely local people around. There is no ATM, KFC and McD but authentic, local foods with western cuisines as barbecues specials all around.

My experience in the month of June which happend to be the Hari Raya holiday (Ramadan Holidays) hence crowded ferry and long queue at food centers - shop owners were not able to handle the crowd and asked to wait for an hour for the order to be delivered. Though we felt the crowd was annoying at times but this place will be very lonely without crowd and good friends along...

Tioman Island is marvelous, wide sea in front of you...starring at it endlessly will make the time to still...I stopped time here...did  you?

Do enjoy my clicks and comment for your opinions