Jul 14, 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home - the most entertaining movie

Spider- Man : Far from Home 

I saw this movie in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the whole theater in KL sentral was full packed with active audience who were all witnessing the movie that had the action hero in teenage mode, filled with fun, action and laughter...
as there was no single moment of dull or slow moment. Right from the beginning as they explained the reason from the come back of Spider man - Peter Parker(Tom Holland), 16 years old teenage boy who turned to ash five years ago in this universe, along with the half of the Earth's population.  Though its filmy, it turns out to be reasonable entertainment with the interesting phase "with  great power comes great responsibility" the Spider Man mantra arose when Peter didn't use his power to do good and his uncle Ben died as a results. Peter wants to just be a normal kid, to have fun with his friends, to find love. Far from home focuses on these desires even more than Home coming, when he embarks on this vacation, hoping he migh get a break from his superhero obligation.. It goes like that as we assume that the first half is all about Peter's vacation with his class mates which turns out to be romantic and got suddenly interrupted by Nick fury, which then takes us to the interesting second half with the war against the elemental, as Spider man joins hands with the new Mysterio who turns out to the black sheep of Iron Man team ...takes the content of the innocent teenage spiderman giving his valuable gift and taking it back with the action sequence to be noted as the Best Spidey action ever, wit the new suits and the special gifts from Iron Man by travelling across beautiful places in London,, Venice, Prague and Spain.

The VFX in the action sequence with the villain (Jake Gyllenhall) was fantastic and mind blogging as there were more advanced way of making us involved in the fight scene.Finally, Spider Man Far from Home did the impossible as a worthy follow up to Avengers : Endgame that too with the sad end of Iron Man  - but here comes more interesting series....with the Far from Home has dethroned as the favorite Spider Man movie, which will have its series soon...

Jun 14, 2019

Tioman Isand

Tioman Island is the wonderful island in east cost of peninsular Malaysia,  the south china sea -  the must see place in Malaysia as I could see many tourist  in this place, this is the place for diving, scuba, snorkeling and surfing sport. The basic snorkling experience from Genting village is charged RM80.- per person with minimum 4 people for the wonderful snorkeling. 

In Tioman Islands, we opted for Genting village - as there are eaight such villages in Tioman Island like Rawa, Jabamala..etc..Genting village is very small village with limited shops with the long curvy stretch of  beach for the pleasant walk during the sunset...waves are not too high or strong...very mild waves like sweet smile of nature...scenic place with lovely local people around. There is no ATM, KFC and McD but authentic, local foods with western cuisines as barbecues specials all around.

My experience in the month of June which happend to the Hari Raya holiday (Ramadan Holidays) crowded ferry and long queue at food centers - shop owners were not able to handle the crowd and asked to wait for one hour for the order to be delivered. Though we felt the crowd was annoying at times but these places will be very lonely without crowd and good friends along...

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May 16, 2019

"Without music life will be a mistake...

Recently in my radar, the songs that inspired me and made me to hear again and again are...

Lets start from Indian modern carnatic fusion songs

T  A  M  I  L    S  O  N  G  S

H I N D I     S O N G S  

 From the movie ...Zero



E N G L I S H   S O N G S 

Discovering DAVID GUETTA the french DJ programmer, producer...his mesmerizing electronic sounds in between the beautiful music, that are more reachable with the flow and glow in the sound of music...whether he is overrated or changing his name to Jack back..or working only with hip hop stars may be his choice, but he makes the songs that are popular!!! Check this out my list of favorites songs..

Other songs...

Share your opinions about my list of songs...if you could add any.. do update in the comment session

Nov 17, 2018

Vikas International School - Annual Day - Vistarang - 2018

Vikas International School celebrated its annual day VISTARANG 2018 in Thean Hou temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16th November 2018...here are the photos and videos of the event.

The event was honored by the Chief Guest - Y.B.Datuk Mohd Rafiq Bin Naizamohideen - DMSM, PBM
Exco of Industy, Trade and Investment state of Malacca, along with the Honorable Chairman of Vikas Interational School, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Videos of the VISTARANG 2018

Welcome dance by 6th standard students


You can view other videos at Youtube - morkondan

Jun 4, 2018

2016- London Diary

2016 Diwali was celebrated in UK....as I started from Glasgow by early morning flight  to reached London by 7.30.  My flight to Kuala Lumpur was by 10 PM that night......so the whole day was allocated to see London...so it started from Borought Market...exploring the different types of food...